Meet the Makers

Ryan shares stories with the community,
Megan writes stories from her heart,
Little Ewok devours every story he comes across.
Together, we make Lamplighter Literary Creations!
When Ryan and Megan met in fifth-grade homeschool co-op, the magic of stories instantly linked them. Now, they want to share a little bit of the magic that brought them together with others! Stories have a wonderful way of illuminating ordinary people and ordinary life into something extraordinary, and every candle crafted here at Lamplighter Literary Creations is infused with a little bit of that extraordinary magic. ;) 
Ryan is the business-brain behind this operation, Megan is the creative genius (also known as the crazy candle lady), and Little Ewok is the official candle-sniffer. Every candle is crafted after hours of dreaming, designing, testing, and pouring, and we hope you enjoy these magic-infused candles as much as we do!